mos luczak home medium

Knowledge, experience, perfectionism and rich machine stock allows us to offer top-quality printing.

We print on sheet-fed equipment Heidelberg 74. We chose these machines, because they are synonymous with flexibility, productivity, quality and reliability. Machines meet all safety standards, GS and CE mark and ISO 3664 standard in the field of colour measurement and correction system.

Six-colour configuration of the machine with varnish and an extended laying is one of the machine that meets all the expectations required of printing. Securing the print with dispersion varnish enables fast processing, adds nobility and protects against external factors. The machine prints in 530x740 format with 510x740 printable surface.

Recently introduced finishing Drip Off technique has increased our printing capacity.

Due to Drip Off technique, we can print a paint on a sheet and at the same time finishes it with two varnishes, which gives an effect similar to the UV coating with selection. The expected effect can be achieved through proper preparation of material for printing.

We also have a new Heidelberg 74 PH machine, which has sided printing capabilities in a single pass in a 2 + 2 or 4 + 0 configuration

Maximum printing of 510x740, the material printed from 0,03-0,6mm.  

In addition, we have a two-color Polly 266 machine that prints books, letterheads, jobbing prints.

A very important factor of the printing is the staff. Most printers have been working with us since the very beginning of their education. They acquired knowledge and raised their qualifications at foreign trainings organized by the suppliers of the machines. For many years, our printing house has been providing services for art publishing houses, where the requirements and abilities of the printers in this field enables us to meet various printing challenges.